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Tony has been training in varying professional settings since 2005. He is known for his humor and ability to make light of a sometimes challenging situation. His trainings leave the audience with a new found perspective on what it is like to be transgender and how that newly acquired knowledge can help them be better for their patients, staff and co-workers. His commitment to delivering a thought-provoking and heart felt training will leave you wanting more. Tony is available for custom workshop arrangements but his ‘off the shelf’ trainings include the following:

  • “Top Ten Things Your Transgender Patient Needs You To Know”
    Too often transgender youth have traumatic experiences when seeking medical care, leading to negative health outcomes for an already marginalized population. Most often this is due solely to a lack of knowledge on the part of the health care providers on what to say and what not to say. Tony Ferraiolo, CPC asked twenty members of his support group (average age 15) what in their view can go wrong in a clinical setting and what they need doctors to know. Join Tony for this unique opportunity to better understand and serve your current and future transgender patients.
  • Caring for Your Transgender Patient
    Discrimination in health care settings can be very common for transgender individuals. This workshop will help you understand the needs of your transgender patients from the front desk check in, to the exam room. This workshop will provide you with the tools and language that is needed for health care providers and their staff to deliver respectful and competent care to their transgender patient.
  • Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth
    Transgender youth have a voice that is rarely heard. Through artwork, trans youth can give voice to their experiences and feelings. Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth is a unique workshop presented by Tony Ferraiolo, CPC. Tony shares with his audience his one-on-one experiences working with transgender youth and the realization that trans youth don’t have gender identity issues — it is often everyone around them who has an issue with their gender identity. The workshop will showcase a slide show of actual drawings created by members of Tony’s youth groups, Translation and Create Yourself. The drawings are the artistic expressions of answers to questions like “Draw what anger feels like,” and “What makes you sad?”
  • Your Transgender Students
    Trans gender students are often misunderstood. Often educators are faced with questions like…What pronoun and name should I use? What restroom or locker room should my transgender student use? This workshop will answer these questions and more. Drawing from first hand experiences, Tony’s perspective is extremely powerful. After his own transition, he has devoted his life to training educators how to support their transgender students, reminding he’s audience that every student deserves a safe and respectful education.

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Just a few of Tony’s Past Workshops and Trainings:
2018 Franklin Pierce University
2018 Presbyterian Promise, Hartford CT.
2018 Watkins School, Hartford CT.
2017 Kent School
2017 Durham School District
2017 Natchaug Hospital
2017 Perception House, Willimantic CT.
2016 Wethersfield School District
2016 Winsted School District
2016 Yale New Haven Hospital
2016 Northeast Medical Groups
2015 North Branford High School
2015 Yale, American Psychiatric Association
2015 Yale School of Medicine2015 Yale Gender Clinic
2015 Women and Families Center

“Since 2007, I have invited Tony to come speak to our second-year Physician Associate students. His one-man presentation has since become a formal part of the clinical year curriculum for our PA program.  Tony is at once disarming, funny, approachable and unflinchingly honest, which allows the students to empathize and relate to him as a real person, a potential patient in search of dignified medical care, and not some exotic creation of popular media that they will only hear about on TV but never meet. He also brings to the students the reality that stigma and fear prevent transgender people from seeking medical care, and that simply raising awareness about preserving the transgender patient’s dignity through a more respectful, patient-centered approach at all levels of the medical encounter can be life-saving, both physically and emotionally. Tony does not preach, he simply tells it like it is, with an honesty that only someone who has been there can provide.”  ~Rita A. Rienzo PA-C, MMSc, Clinical Co-coordinator, Assistant Professor, Yale Physician Associate Program