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Finding My Way Out Of The Darkness: How I Found Self-Love and Acceptance by Tony Ferraiolo

As a child, Tony Ferraiolo never felt protected by anyone. He lived in constant fear of being hurt or killed and endured soul-crushing cruelty and mistreatment from the very people who should have loved him the most. In this deeply affecting memoir, ” Finding My Way Out of The Darkness: How I Found Self-Love and Acceptance,” Ferraiolo fearlessly shares his personal story of triumph over a childhood marred by emotional and sexual abuse. He invites readers into the depths of his darkest and most grueling moments of despair, ultimately illuminating a path toward healing, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

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Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth: Volume 1

There are plenty of books in existence about transgender youth. There are a lot of good people, trying to give good information, and for the most part, they are. But you might be asking yourself what makes this book different than the others. This book is different because you will be educated directly by transgender children and teens. Not by a medical professional. Not by a life coach. Not even by me. This book will illustrate how transgender children and teens feel and think about themselves, as told through their art. Each drawing is accompanied by a statement where each child describes what their art means to them.

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Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth: Volume 2

I am so excited to be able to bring to you Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth volume 2. After hearing from so many parents, educators, medical and mental health providers on how much volume one helped them realize how their presence in a transgender and non-binary child's life can either help them live a happy, healthy and productive life or lead them down a path of depression, self-harm, or even suicidal ideations, I knew that a second volume with two different questions would help them even more.