“You Have The Power to Create Yourself”

A Self Made Man FilmTony’s coaching sessions focus on engaging with you to help you connect with your inner purpose in life. By revealing and rediscovering your values and passions, you can break free from the blocks preventing you from moving forward in your life. By gaining an awareness of who you really are inside, rather than who you’ve been told and have come to believe you are, you can experience true empowerment and increased self esteem and self confidence.

Tony has been speaking professionally since 2005. He is known for infusing his stories of the struggles of his gender transition with insight and humor. He is committed to delivering engaging, thought-provoking, and heart-felt messages that will leave the audience with a greater awareness of their own life potential and the motivation to start living the life they always imagined.

On June 14, 2013 the World Premiere of A Self-Made Man made its appearance at the Provincetown International Film Festival. The film has garnered rave reviews from across the United States and the World filming in both Copenhagen and Paris in October. A Self-Made Man is told through the poignant personal story and important life work of Tony Ferraiolo, a transgender youth advocate. We watch Tony guide kids as young as 8, and their parents, through the confusing journey of defining themselves, when their physical appearance conflicts with how they view themselves. To learn more about how you can see this film, please click here.