Tony’s coaching sessions focus on engaging with you to help you connect with your inner purpose in life. By revealing and rediscovering your values and passions, you can break free from the blocks preventing you from moving forward in your life. By gaining an awareness of who you really are inside, rather than who you’ve been told and have come to believe you are, you can experience true empowerment and increased self esteem and self confidence.
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“Since I have begun working with Tony, my life has been transformed; my self esteem has improved which has impacted the rest of my outlook on life. As a result, I am now working towards earning my certification as a personal fitness trainer. He has given me the tools to achieve what I had previously only dreamed of. Tony has been instrumental in guiding me on my journey of self discovery and for getting me on the path of self-acceptance and the importance of living in the moment.” ~Nancy Gillis

“In just a couple of conversations, Tony already had me thinking—really thinking—about where I was at and the choices I was making. He listened intently and asked thoughtful, provocative questions, all the time checking in and helping me make my way through the many options before me. He also helped me identify and sidestep the obstacles and land mines between me and my goals. He is focused, engaged, caring, and truly insightful and intuitive and is equally gifted at helping me navigate material/practical goals as well as the emotional baggage that weighs me down as I pursue those goals.” ~Sally Tamarkin, MSW