Keynote Speaking

Tony has been speaking professionally since 2005. He is known for infusing his stories of the struggles of his gender transition with insight and humor. He is committed to delivering engaging, thought-provoking, and heart-felt messages that will leave the audience with a greater awareness of their own life potential and the motivation to start living the life they always imagined.

Tony was engaging and inspiring. His passion and compassion were evident as he relayed his life story and reminded us that when a trans person transitions, the FAMILY is transitioning as well, and that every person’s journey is their own. I particularly loved his message of not letting past pain destroy you, and of not letting the fear of the future impede you – of living in the present and knowing the power of his motto: “Create Yourself” ~ Lori Davison, PFLAG Hartford, CT

Past Keynote Speaking Engagements

2015 PFLAG Hartford
2015 Herkimer Community College
2014 Institute of Living, From Patient to Professional
LGBTQ Behavioral Health Conference
2014 Connecticut Trans Advocacy Coalition
 Southern Connecticut State University APRN Program
2013 Connecticut Hospital Association
2012 New Haven Pride Center
2012 Keene State University
2012 Eastern Connecticut State University
2012 UCONN Medical Center “Lunch and Learn”
2011 UCONN “ Out to Lunch Series”
2009 Yale University Physician Associate Program
2007 Yale University School of Nursing
2007 UCONN Medical Center “Lunch and Learn”

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“Tony has a way of inviting strangers into his heart, with no expectations, and no questions asked. Though he has transcended immense adversity and saved countless lives, Tony is always down-to-earth and relatable. His gentle humor and confidence draws people to him, even when he is not trying – even when he is not aware.  Tony is willing to share the most painful chapters of his personal story with anybody who will listen, in the interest of showing his audience that any trials life puts you through are all potential triumphs.”   ~Kerry Kozaczuk , Chairperson , Board of Directors, Stonewall Speakers.